OET sample material for exam preparation

Hi, nurses!

Now OET being accepted in almost all countries, I am sure that you feel a relief that you no longer have to meddle with IELTS graphs and essays for writing. Although writing module of OET is far easier, it can be tricky because you need to filter the information given in the case sheet and include only the relevant ones. Moreover, word limit should be between 180- 200 ; unlike IELTS there is an upper limit which you shouldn't exceed. So here we go with a sample letter which I prepared for my students. For more information and queries please do contact through mails or website.

Betty Olsen is a resident at the Golden Pond Retirement Village. She needs urgent admission to hospital. You are the night nurse looking after her.

Patient Details

Address: Golden Pond Retirement Village

83 Waterford Rd, Annerley, 4101

Phone: (07) 3441 3257

Date of Birth: 29/01/1926

Marital Status: Widowed

Country of birth: Australia

Social History

Moved to Retirement Village following the death of husband in December 2007.

Next of kin: Son, Nicholas Olsen,

53 Palmer Street, Warwick 4370

Ph (07) 4693 6552.

Normally alert and orientated. Enjoys bridge, bingo and reading.

Medical History

Hypothyroidism since 1997

Hypertension since 2003

Glaucoma since 2004

Allergic to penicillin

Prescription Medications

Karvea 150mg 1 daily

Oroxine 0.1mg 1 daily am

Timoptol Eye Drops 0.5% 1drop each eye am & pm

Normison 10 mg as required

Non prescription Medication

Golden Glow Glucosamine Tablet - 1 with breakfast for arthritis

Vitamin C Complex Sustained Release – 1 with breakfast

Mobility / Aids

Independent with walking stick. Arthritis in hands. Wears glasses

Continence: Requires continence pad

Recent Nursing Notes


Flu vaccination


Complaining of indigestion following evening meal. Settled with Mylanta


Unable to sleep – aches in shoulder. Settled following 2 Panadol and 1 Normison


Requested Mylanta for indigestion,Panadol for shoulder pain – slept poorly

10/07/09 am

Tired and feeling generally weak. BP 180/95. Confined to bed. GP called and will visit 11/7/08aftersurgery.

10/07/09 pm

Didn’t eat evening meal. Says felt slightly nauseous. Trouble sleeping, complaining of shoulderandneck pain. BP 175/95

 Given 1 Normison 2 Panadol at 10pm

Rechecked 10.45pm – Distressed, pale and sweaty, complaining of persistent chest pain,

BP 190/100. Ambulance called and patient transferred.

Writing Task

Write a letter for the admitting doctor of the Spirit Hospital Emergency Department. Give the recent history of events and also the patient’s past medical history and condition


Admitting Doctor

Emergency Department

Spirit Hospital

Re: Ms. Betty Olsen, DOB 29/01/1926

Dear doctor,

I am writing this for an urgent admission of Ms. Olsen, a resident of Golden Pond Retirement Village, who is being transferred to the hospital in an ambulance due to persistent chest pain.

In the evening, Ms. Olsen was feeling slightly nauseous and did not have her meal. She also complained about shoulder and neck pain due to which she was unable to sleep. In spite of giving 1 Normison and 2 Panadol at 10 pm , she was distressed , pale and sweaty and BP level rose to 190/100. Moreover, she complained about persistent chest pain and so had to be shifted immediately.

The client was feeling tired and weak this morning and was confined to bed. GP had been contacted and had promised to visit tomorrow after surgery. However, since the condition worsened, we couldn’t wait until then.

It should be noted that Ms. Olsen is allergic to penicillin and is a known case of Hypothyroidism, Hypertension and Glaucoma. She suffers from arthritis in hands as well. She is on daily medications of which the details are attached.

As her night nurse at the retirement home, I am very familiar with her health condition . So in case of any further assistance please feel free to contact.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Mary Dalwin

Night Nurse