Drona : Best IELTS, OET, CBT & PTE Coaching Institute

Reji Mams Drona

Drona Institute Ernakulam Kochi

Here we are listing some of our best winners who scored great marks in IELTS studying at Drona, the Best IELTS Academy in Ernakulam

  • Successfully cleared IELTS with score of : Listening 8, Reading 9, Writing 7, Speaking 7.5.
    Arsha Thomas
    Arsha Thomas
  • Successfully cleared IELTS with score of : Listening 6.5, Reading 6, Writing 6, Speaking 6.5.
    John Terrain Williams
    John Terrain Williams Student
  • I was a student of Drona's Crash Course and I got passed achieving good scores in IELTS.
    Mohamed Fiyas
    Mohamed Fiyas Student
  • I was a student from Crash Course. I achieved scores of 7.5 in Listening, 7.5 in Reading, 7 in Speaking and 6.5 in Writing.
    Teenu K Thomas
    Teenu K Thomas Nurse
  • A winner from IELTS evening batch. Scored 7.5 in Listening, 7.7 in Reading, 7 in Writing and 7 in Speaking.
    Fegin PF
    Fegin PF
  • Scored L-8, R-7, W-7, S-7 in IELTS.
    Tintu John
    Tintu John Nurse
  • Successfully cleared IELTS with overall score of 7.5. (Listening 8, Reading 8, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7)
    Alekha V P
    Alekha V P Student
  • Achieved an overall score of 6.5
    Thomas Paul
    Thomas Paul Student
  • Scored overall score of 6.5 in IELTS.
    Midhun Ramesh
    Midhun Ramesh Student
  • Scored 7 in IELTS writing from evening coaching batch.
    Mary Tima
    Mary Tima